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Preparing for Your Appointment

What should I bring?

  • Social security number
  • Insurance information: If you have an insurance card, bring it. In order to bill your insurance carrier(s) for services rendered, we will need the name of the carrier (company), their complete mailing address, your policy's group number, and your personal identification number. If your insurance carrier requires a referral form, please bring it with you to your first appointment. If you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, please bring the appropriate card as well.
  • You may be asked to pay for services not covered by insurance. Please bring cash, check, or major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).
  • Records: If your visit is for a second opinion or on a physician's referral, you may need to bring medical records, X-rays, results from lab tests, pathology slides, or other materials. Your physician may have sent these to us already--be sure to ask your doctor before your visit here.

Will my insurance or healthcare plan cover the costs?

Just as each individual is different, so too are the vast number of healthcare plans. While not exclusive, this list of managed care plans should give you some idea of the wide range of HMOs, PPOs, and other healthcare plans with whom we contract. If you don't see your plan listed, or if you have any questions about payment, please call us at 1-888-UCH-0200, email us at healthlink@uchospitals.edu, or contact your managed care company directly.

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